Brake Services

Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma for Over 80 Years

Quality and complete brake service

We offer full brake service on all vehicles.

Faulty brakes can lead to catastrophic events. Avoid a horrific accident and bring your vehicle to us for repair. We offer comprehensive brake service for cars, trucks, go-carts, RVs and more.

Repair or replace your brakes at Acme Wheel Aligning Co.

The longer you wait, the more wear on your brakes. Don’t leave your vehicle or your family in danger. Call for an appointment today.

Look at our wide array of brake services

  • Complete pad / lining / rotor replacements

  • Diagnosis and repair

  • Fluid flush

  • Hose and line replacements

  • Rear Drums & Shoes

We work on custom vehicles too! Don’t hesitate, call today!