Acme Wheel Aligning Co. Services

Serving Tulsa Oklahoma for over 80 years

Better quality – Cheaper Price

Does your vehicle need and alignment?


Alignments are one of the main drivability issues experienced by drivers.

Acme Wheel Aligning Co. offers quality alignments at a cheaper price. Our competition can’t beat our service. So save time, and money, and stop into see us.

Do you want better steering, gas mileage?

A vehicle that is out of line can drive less smoothly then it did from the factory. It can also cause you to lose gas mileage and cause fatigue in you from compensating for an out of track wheel. Bring your vehicle down and let us improve your ride and mileage.

Alignment services for your automobile

• 4-wheel alignments

• All axle alignments on trucks

• Get a smoother ride

• Easier steering and

• Improved gas mileage

We also offer service for your brakes. Faulty brakes can lead to a fatal accident. Protect yourself and others, and have your brakes repaired or replaced.