Steering & Suspension

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How is your steering and suspension holding up?

Steering and suspension concern both safety and comfort. The two systems are often talked about in conjunction with one another because they are directly related. In order to have a safe, dependable, and optimal ride, a combination of springs and shock absorbers are used in your car’s steering and suspension. The good news is, there are signs to look for when your car’s suspension and steering aren’t functioning properly. Acme Wheel Aligning will check your vehicle for any worn or damaged parts. Rest assured, we are believers in the rule: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” so we aren’t going to quote something that isn’t necessary. From steering gears to control arms, front to rear suspension, old or new vehicles, and semis and trailers, Acme will ensure your vehicle’s suspension and steering are completely road-ready.

Does your vehicle’s steering and suspension need attention? Here are some signs that it might.

  • Your car is noisey when driving over bumps
  • Your car is bouncing
  • Your vehicle has a hard time turning
  • You notice uneven tire tread wear
  • You notice a wandering wheel

Has your vehicle been in a collision?

Let Acme Wheel help return it to its former beauty!

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